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About the Market


Mighty whistle roars used to fill the neighborhoods of Pendleton as trains traveled to and from Pendleton Station. Now, Pendleton Station is the home of Pendleton Station Market! The market is a way for our community to connect with local and unique vendors and support small business. 


This community landmark's parking lot plays host to local farmers and artisans in the Western New York region. Come explore to find products such as local produce, meats, cheeses, baked goods, spirts and even handmade crafts such as jewelry and home decor! You can even find fun products to spoil your human and fur kids! 

Pendleton Station Market is located right next to Craft Coffee House. So stop, grab a cup of joe and peruse the goods and services our local vendors have to offer.  We truly believe that  time and dedication to re-establish the market will make this a successful symbol of our town and the people within it. 


History of Pendleton Station

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The International Railway Company, which was based in the city of Buffalo, extended its electric railway from the Tonawandas to Lockport in 1892, and a few years later it was extended to Olcott Beach Amusement Park. This new line was in parallel to the Erie Railroad that ran through the Town of Pendleton. 

Local Pendleton businessman Benjamin Andrus had a general store on Campbell Boulevard, next to the Erie Railroad line. In 1909, Andrus purchased the property alongside the new IRC train line and built a new freight station. 

Farmers from around the area needed to store their fruits and vegetables before they could be shipped by the IRC to Buffalo. And this freight station gave farmers just that kind of service. 

The station was built of decorative concrete blocks, and had an elevated wooden floor on the inside with a wraparound loading dock for the trains. By 1937, the IRJ Passenger line was ended because of the growth of motorized trucks and cars. 

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